Update #5
June 8, 2020

The TRC Executive Committee has been working to preserve and maintain our campground while adhering to the COVID-19 Phase I restrictions. This included bringing specialized contractors and in-house members onsite, and as of May 1, 2020, seasonal members to prepare TRC for the 2020 camping season. TRC also developed a new system of tracking and tracing people who have been to the campground since May 1, 2020. This information is being stored in case health officials need the information for COVID-19 contact tracing and notification.

Beginning of the Camping Season – Phase II

In accordance with government health rules, RV Reservations are now open and tent camping and day use will begin Friday, June 19, 2020. Reservations for tent camping and day–use will open June 12.

New Steps to Follow - Online Reservations and Prepayments Are Now Required

Regular Members: you must now make a reservation for tent camping before coming to camp. There are no additional fees. If you have a limited member staying in your tent, they need to ensure that their limited membership is up to date and have paid their overnight fees.

• If you are staying at a seasonal site (upper side) as a guest of that site, please have your site coordinator notify TRC about your stay.

Limited Members: you must now reserve online and pay for your tent site before coming to camp. If you have another limited member staying in your tent, they need to ensure that their limited membership is up to date and that they have paid their overnight fees.

• If you are staying at a seasonal site, you must pay your overnight fee online in advance.

Day-Use: you must now register as a limited member online before coming to TRC. You can update your limited membership, if needed. You must also now prepay your $5.00 day-use fee in advance.

Seasonal Members: Continue to communicate through your site coordinator your trips to your seasonal sites.

Reservation Systems

Regular Members: if you are a regular member looking to reserve a tent camping site on the lower side of the campground; this includes the overflow area, make your reservations here.

Limited Members: if you are a limited member looking to reserve tent camping on the lower side you will find tent camping reservations on the website.

• If you plan to stay at a seasonal site camping on the upper side of the campground. If you are unsure if you have a limited membership, you can go to a step-by-step application/renewal site.

• Regular and Limited Members staying in RVs or their own vehicles, must make a RV Reservation.

Social Distancing, Group Gatherings, and Other Guidelines – Phase II

Whether staying at a Seasonal Sites, RV sites or Tenting Site there are limits to the number of people staying at and visiting those sites. Under TRC’s COVID 19 plans each site needs to have a coordinator who can ensure that no person staying at their site will, because of their time at TRC, be exposed to more than 5 people who are living outside of their household during the prior seven days. In other words, each person needs to create their own “bubble” of contacts while at TRC.

When outside of your site, please keep six feet away from persons who are outside your TRC bubble of contacts.

Please use facial coverings when walking on trails. This is because many trails are too narrow for people to pass without coming within six feet of each other.

Attending campfires in other sites is dependent on each site’s physical layout and the ability to create a minimum six-foot distance between bubbles. Site coordinators are encouraged to create a seating plan that takes into account the six-foot rules, bubbles and the wearing of masks.