Update #4 - May 19, 2020

This is further to Update #3, on May 1, 2000, where the State Governor issued his four-phased approach to relaxing COVID 19 restrictions. Following the order, the TRC Executive Committee began working on budget estimates and other matters for the Board of Directors meeting on May 16, 2020.

The Budget

The Board met and passed a “camping only” budget, where TRC could allow overnight camping, but not hold a fund raising event. This year’s activities are likely to deplete most of TRC’s $30,000 contingency fund. The Board has the option to pass a new budget at a later date if it wishes to authorize a fundraising event.


Reservations, Prepayments and Site Assignments

  • Regardless of one’s regular or limited status, any members camping on the lower campground and overflow areas this year will be required to reserve online, and for limited members prepay online, before arriving at camp. While site specific requests can be made by members, the site assignments will be similar, but not identical, to our existing RV reservation system.

  • The number of campers assigned to a site will be coordinated and determined by TRC.

  • Except for the actual site assignment, the process is the same for any regular or limited member staying in a seasonal site. They must use the reservation system, and if required, the prepayment system.

  • Day use limited members must also use only the reserve and prepayment systems.


Social Distancing, Group Gatherings, and Other Guidelines

  • TRC will be developing both recommendations and some strict rules during the camping season that are consistent with the Governor’s order.

  • Seasonal sites will have limits to the number of people staying at and visiting those sites. Individual written seasonal site COVID 19 plans may need to be created by site coordinators and provided to TRC. If this is needed, site coordinators will be notified of what is expected.

  • In the next update, TRC will announce its own efforts to help protect our members from and stop the community spread of the virus.


Beginning of the Camping Season

  • For seasonal sites members, access to camp will be allowed about one week after Washington’s move to Phase II, which is planned for June 1, 2020. Because many details are still being worked on by the VP of Operations, a more precise date cannot be announced at this time.

  • Seasonal site coordinators will need to advise the VP of Operations of who and when from their sites will be going to camp, once access is granted.

  • Camping in the lower campground and day-use access should commence either on June 13 or 20th. For the same reasons, a more precise date cannot be announced at this time.

  • Access to RV spaces is being delayed this year by about four weeks after June 1st because dangerous trees that need to be removed from around RV sites.


Finally, a few words of caution... TRC’s plans are tentative as our vendors, suppliers and contractors are also having to adjust. Also, we are hoping for a steady improvement in COVID statistics.  Please continue to follow our Facebook page and website for updates as we roll out the reservation system and announce more precise COVID-related guidelines for campers to follow.

Nearly half of TRC’s seasonal sites have unique circumstances that are preventing some of their camp mates from getting to camp. TRC has a long history of taking into account unique circumstances when members have obligation difficulties. This year will be no different. Therefore, members can be assured that large amounts of accommodation will be provided when dealing with obligation issues.

A copy of this update will be emailed to the regular members and limited members who joined or renewed in 2019.

Take care folks,
Craig Maynard,
President of TRC