TRC is committed to members having a safe and enjoyable time during their visit. This dedication has increased during the COVID-19  pandemic. 

This season, TRC has.  We have also required reservations for the first time so that we can limit the total amount of tent campers from approximately 200 to 60 in order to stay within guidelines and share TRC's COVID-19 policy prior to arrival as well as during check-in. Board and camp members walk scheduled patrols to reinforce our COVID policy. All policies keep us within the State of Washington's guidelines for businesses. 

We appreciate campers who have been helpful, patient, and made the best of the situation and thank you for your cooperation.  Unfortunately, not all guests have been receptive and this has caused confrontational behavior to our volunteers and other guests.  

Our volunteers are overtaxed, stressed, and are unable to enjoy camp.  The board recognizes the likelihood of continued defiance and verbal abuse to volunteers. A significant portion of our volunteers will not volunteer for Labor Day Weekend and the risk of COVID transmission is too great.  

It is apparent that we cannot obtain satisfactory compliance from a significant percentage of the limited members coming to camp.  

The board has made a difficult decision. Effective Thursday, Sept. 3 through the remaining season, tent camping will be allowed for Regular Members (yearly) that have paid for membership prior to August 18th, 2020. This will include the entire Labor Day weekend and weekdays.   

We understand change will be impacting approximately 60 reservations previously made.  For those limited members with reservations, you will be receiving an email and refund. 

This decision will not impact Seasonal sites and their guests as long as the six person per site rule is maintained.  RV campers also will not be impacted. There is one RV per spot limit and no tents or other structures can be on the RV spot.  Again, RVs will still have to maintain the 6 person limit per RV spot. 

We understand that this could be a sudden inconvenience and do apologize for any planning issues that this might cause. We value the health of all members (and those in their lives they may contact). And we thank you for supporting our decision during this difficult time.


TRC Board of Directors