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Include Reports with the Minutes

  • 08 Jul 2015 2:55 PM
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    In recent times the format of the minutes has changed reducing any details of the various Committee/Department reports to only "X report was submitted". 

    This would be fine if the report itself was attached to the Minutes so Members can actually keep abreast of Campsite Business as is the intention of circulating Minutes. 

    Minutes without substance does no one any good. Where this becomes very problematic is 2 or 3 years down the road when questions arise regarding an action or background of a decision taken and it is impossible to determine because all of the details are missing.


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  • 09 Jul 2015 5:42 AM
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    I fully agree Garrett! In trying to be compliant with RONR in our minutes structure, I have "trimmed" us down to what RONR states the minutes should be. It is also why it is in paragraph form and not outline form with bullets. This does NOT mean that those reports not be circulated. 

    We currently have a fabulous resource at our disposal that reaches ALL our members and not the select few who chose to participate in Facebook. Wild Apricot allows a number of different ways for us to store, present, and email out those reports. I am working with some members of a few of our committees about creating a "committee" page where these files could be located quickly and easily by all. I am pushing too for the executives to do the same, one public for getting out reports, answering simple questions, and making announcements; one "closed" containing all the files, phone numbers, important details, scheduling, task descriptions, etc. so that position hand-over can be smooth, easy, and quick.

    This is a large project, and I am happy to say that several pieces have been parcelled out to certain execs, committees, or their designates. The more willing volunteers we have the quicker we can get the larger structure and the files that go with it, available at a click to all our members. 

    I am also pushing to have the reports sent to me in a comprehensive file form that I could actually attach to the minutes and upload into Wild Apricot (WApr) without my potentially inaccurate recontructions of a random email, five poorly named files that are not compatible with everyone, random spreadsheets with no accompanying statements or explanations, etc.  

    In short, I am working on a solution that is long-term, sustainable, and accessible by the most people. I will not be at the next Board Meeting, however, I will do my best to ensure that when the next minutes go out, I will attach what reports I can. Let it be known that Develpmont Reports as of late have been ...  extensive and involve far more files and data than can be easily and understandably disseminated via email. Jeff Bachman is currently working on a Development page to provide some order and useful transparency.

    I do help this answers your concern.

  • 09 Jul 2015 5:47 AM
    Reply # 3427756 on 3426560
    Once these main structures are in place, past files WILL be uploaded (space willing) so that many of the things in the Secretary's Google Drive can be placed in the open and be easily searchable. Unfortunately, time this year is limited for that project. Though I have set it on the Secretary's Annual Agenda for next year.
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