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    • April 15, 2022
    • October 31, 2022

    Limited/Regular Member staying at a Seasonal Campsite
    (This is for INVITED GUESTS of Seasonal/Permanent Sites)

    Valid for the 2022 camping season.
    Packages are non refundable and non transferable. 

    • Ensure that you have read the current COVID 19 policy.
    • Currently at least one booster shot is required.
    • Each camper must register themselves anytime camping on a seasonal site. This reservation can't be made by anyone other then the person who is the guest staying on the seasonal site.
    • If you have a Regular Membership select the Regular/Guest Membership option for free registration. 
    • If the site has an active Guest Membership they are allowing you to use please select the Regular/Guest Membership option for free registration. 
    • Please park your car in one of the open spots immediately after unloading.
    • You must check in with the Member on Duty or Camp Host with someone from your host site as soon as you arrive for vaccination verifications and checkin. 
    • For updates or changes to this registration please reach out to reservations@camptrc.org
    • May 24, 2022
    • September 30, 2022

    Day Use
    Valid for the 2022 camping season.

    Day use only ending at 6:00 pm. Valid for 1 person during season of purchase - no refunds non-transferable. Not accepted Party Weekends.

    • June 14, 2022
    • November 13, 2022

    Power usage- $10 per 1 hour.
    For one hour of powering the main generator. 

    • August 12, 2022
    • 12:00
    • August 14, 2022
    • 18:00
    • 248

    Friday Night Meet & Greet

    Ugly Sweater Party hosted by Flamingo Joes 

    Saturday Day

    Muu Muus and Mimosas
    hosted at Cascadia


    White Hellephant Gift Exchange
    at 12 pm followed by 
    Happy Holigays Brunch at 12:30 p.m.
    Shaved Ice/ Or Slushies/ Otterpops/  “Holiday Leftovers” Sandwich

    Saturday Night

    XXX MAS Progressive Party hosted by Trail 6 Sites:Corral, ____& Chill, Rammit Inn, In & Out, Oasis. Cascadia. Pangea, Seed & SupplyBootz & Pantz, Trade R Dicks
    DJ Dave Robertson

    • September 02, 2022
    • 12:00
    • September 05, 2022
    • 18:00
    • 334

    Friday Night

    Meet & Greet 
    T-SHIRT SWAP: bring a t-shirt that you're excite to gift away.


    Muumuus and Mimosas hosted at Cascadia

    Best Brunch Ever at Site 500
    12:30 - 1:30

    Saturday Night

    The Underwear Party hosted at the main Party Site

    Sunday Night

    The "Anything But Clothes" Party & Queen of the Mountain 
    Hosted by Honey Bucket and Butch Alice
    Party Site