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Bears at TRC

TRC has been experiencing increased bear activity. We have bears that are regularly active in both the upper and lower campgrounds.  In order to keep campers safe and hopefully discourage further visits, the board has passed the following rules for food storage at TRC:

Until such time as the bear incursions have been declared abated, the following food storage rules will be enforced.  Seasonal sites not in compliance with these rules will be fined $50 for each day they are out of compliance.  Tent campers failing to comply with food storage rules will be asked to leave.

  • 1.       For sites that have solid, enclosed structures (wood or metal sheathed, able to be fully sealed to prevent entry): Food and other scented items must be stored inside the secure structure at all times when not actively being consumed.  Food waste must be stored inside the structure or taken immediately to the bear secure dumpster.
  • 2.       For sites without such structures: Food and other scented items must be stored either in your vehicle or the food locker near the party site when not actively being consumed.  Food waste must be immediately taken to the bear secure dumpster after meals.  The bear appears to have learned that anything cube shaped may contain food, so secure storage or keeping these items out of sight is strongly recommended.
  • 3.       Lower campground campers are required to store food and other scented items in the food locker by the host hut.  All food waste must be removed from sites and placed in dumpsters immediately.
  • 4.       All sites should limit food particles in waste water streams, avoid burning food waste, and wash dishes/food prep surfaces in a timely manner.
  • 5.       Feeding of birds, including using liquid feeders, or other wildlife is prohibited.

All campers should carry a whistle with them at all times when at TRC.  If you encounter a bear, blow your whistle, make yourself as large as possible, and with others chase the bear off.  If you hear a whistle and are able, please go to the assistance of your fellow campers. 

TRC has provided each lower campground site with bear spray.  This is only to be used as a last resort.  Bear spray hangs in the air for a long time and can drift into areas inhabited by people.