You MUST BE LOGGED into the website to pay for caming fees online.

If you are new to TRC, JOIN TRC by becoming a member.

Camp fees are $20 per person, per night for limited members. 
Purchasing your overnight camping fees before you leave for camp is the easiest and fastest way to get checked into camp.



  1. Park your car in our parking lot. 
    Unload your gear at the host hut, but your car must be parked just as soon as you unload. This is a load and unload zone only. 

  2. Register at the host hut or with the camp host. 
    Camp hosts signs will be found in the parking lot area. You need to register 
    before you set up your tent, go to the beach, visit with your friends, walk the dog, etc.

    Registration means you:
    • Provide your legal name and address to TRC
    • Providelegal proof of your identity and your age (21 or older)
    • Agree to the terms of liability
    • Acknowledge that you are person who is either: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or queer.
      While we love our straight allies, TRC is just for the LGBTQ folk.
    • Pay your overnight fees

  3.  After you register you’re free to enjoy TRC!