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Conflicting date of renewals

  • 26 May 2016 4:20 PM
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    Deleted user

    I have been given 2 different membership due dates this year, one below in the balance due tab may 7th, and one in the email reminding me that the time is come June 6th.  I am going with the one I know is correct, but if push comes to shove, and I had to prove and  fight for the 30 days or be kicked out, what are the back ups on these dates? I have 4 different renewal dates for 4 different years. 

  • 31 May 2016 3:51 PM
    Reply # 4049865 on 4041544

    Seasonal membership renewals are issued 30 days before they become due and payable. You renewal date is June 6 and the Invoice date is May 7.

  • 18 Jun 2016 7:02 AM
    Reply # 4083220 on 4041544
    Deleted user

    Thank you Ross. That does make sense.

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